Welcome to the Chair of Management and Logistics

We focus on the holistic optimisation and improvement of logistics and transport systems. Inter-organizational efficiency improvement as well as the management of entire value-added networks is not only taught in teaching but also practiced in research projects.

Megatrends such as digitalization and automation, to name just two, are significantly changing logistic and transport systems. Associated solution approaches such as big data analytics, machine learning, platooning, drones, robotics and autonomous intralogistics systems can significantly increase the efficiency of logistics and transport services. However, previous approaches to the planning and control of logistics systems do not meet the high demands of these approaches. Our research program therefore aims to establish “Logistics & Transportation Service Engineering”: A methodical and instrumental support of the planning and development of logistics and transport services is to be achieved in analogy to product development. In order to support the well-founded selection of suitable service configurations, we primarily rely on simulation experiments. In addition to specific challenges such as increasing uncertainties and changing actor behaviour, these experiments also depict possible changes in human-machine interaction in various scenarios.