Virtual Conference – Program

The 5th ICPLT was hosted as a Virtual Conference on March 17th and 18th 2021!

Extended Abstracts

Session Author Titel & Download
1a Lehmann et al. Strengthening regional rail freight services – a Thuringian case study as part of the CE-Interreg project REIF
1a Shobayo et al. Enhancing container barge transport in Europe
1b Kirsten et al. Assessing the impacts of long-trucks on mode choice in freight transport and environment at European level
1b Kreuz et al. Concepts for the integration of drivers' decisions into freight transport modelling
2a Diefenbach et al. An analysis of processes and economic as well as ergonomic improvement potentials at air freight forwarders
2a Mehrtens et al. Smart Air Cargo Trailer – Autonomous air cargo ground transportation in a mixed traffic environment (SAT)
2b Borca & Putz Promoting the attractiveness of jobs in the logistics service provider sector
2b Zarrath & Friedrich Review of a Supply Chain Performance Measurement System: a Case Study
3a Blumenschein et al. Development of a perception system for railway shunting
3a Cunha et al. A micro-macro modelling approach for evaluating railway infrastructure projects
3a Saha Dry port facilities in the selected land ports of Bangladesh to promote intermodal freight transport in South Asia
3b Holmgren et al. Cost Structures of Fossil Free Alternatives for Long Haulage Road Freight Transport
3b Linke & Schöpp Factors influencing the integration process of the eHighway system by transport companies
3b Schillinger et al. Cost-based method to estimate electrification potential of the german road freight transport
4a Bódis et al. Conceptual approach for adaptive production line feeding system
4a Clausen et al. Simulation-based planning of a logistics concept for modular production in the chemical industry
4b Combes & Nierat Modal shift for freight transport in France: will a supply policy be enough?
4b Shatanawi et al. Adoption of road pricing under new travel technologies: case study of Jordan and Brazil
5a Elbert et al. How human capabilities are impacting the individual strain in manual order picking
5a Hagen et al. Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Operating Micro Depots
5b Bernecker et al. The impact of logistics innovations in rural areas
5b Schenk & Clausen Future developments in the transportation area and their impact on vehicle distribution logistics