Appointments & Rooms


The table below shows the exam dates just before the examination period. Please use this overview for orientation of the semester planning. All exams can also be found on TUCaN. The final times and rooms will then be announced in the lectures.

Please be sure to read the current information regarding the conduct of examinations during COVID (especially the special regulations for the Otto-Berndt-Halle)
Basics of Logistics and Transport – Submodule International Logistics Systems
(60 Minutes)
Date: 24.03.2023
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: None
Logistics and Transport in Practice – Airport Management
(60 Minutes)
Date: 21.02.2023
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: tba
Logistics Management – Submodule Strategic Logistics Management
(60 Minutes)
Date: 08.03.2023
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: Non-programmable calculator, dictionary
Management of Value-added Networks (former Corporate Management)
(90 Minutes)
Date: 23.02.2023
Room: See Moodle
Assistive Tools: calculator
Corporate Management and Marketing
(120 Minuten)
Date: tba
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: calculator
Transport Management – Submodule International Transport Services
(60 Minutes)
Date: 17.03.2023
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: None
Simulation in Production and Logistics Date: tba
Room: tba
Assistive Tools: None
The rooms for the exams will also be announced here as soon as they are confirmed. Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, we have a considerably higher need for space and supervision. Nevertheless, we are trying to carry out the exam for you as smoothly as possible.
Examination review* Please pay attention to the current information about the exam under Corona conditions

Please note that the times in the TUCaN system may vary incorrectly.

* Within the context of the examination review (§ 29 para. 2 APB) a central review appointment is offered by the Chair of Management and Logistics. It is possible to grant written authorization to fellow students to review the exam. In order to do this, it must be made clear who is authorised. The authorised representative must identify themself.

Students in the bachelor's and master's programmes must register for the exams via TUCaN within the specified registration periods. It is generally possible to withdraw from an examination without giving reasons up to 8 days before the examination date. For example: The examination takes place on the 22.05., withdrawal without providing reasons is therefore generally possible until 14.05 at 23:59 hrs. Withdrawal is generally done via TUCaN.

The exact planning of the examination schedule for the verbal examinations can only be made after the withdrawal period has ended. The examination times can be accessed 6 days before the respective examination day.

If a part of a module has been completed abroad, the grade of that specific part must be confirmed by the student office, e.g. by a TUCaN printout, before the start of the examination at the TU Darmstadt. If this confirmation is not provided before the examination, all parts of the module will be examined.

The master's program “Management of Production and Logistics” (01-23-0M02/6) was discontinued. Students who are still registered for the module in the student office will be given the opportunity to acquire the partial performance from the Chair of Management and Logistics. New registrations are no longer possible.

Mit Ablauf des SoSe 2022 hat die letzte Anfangskohorte des WiSe 2019/20 die Regelstudienzeit(6 Semester) des Bachelorstudienganges in den Prüfungsordnungen WINF PO 2011 und WI PO 2013 erreicht.

Bitte beachten Sie für Ihre Studienplanung, dass das Prüfungsangebot unseres Fachgebietes für das u. g. Modul ausläuft.

  • Modul-Nr.: 01-12-5100
  • Modulname: Unternehmensführung und Marketing*)
  • Letzte Prüfungsmöglichkeit des Moduls: SoSe 2023

*) Die in dem Modul enthaltenen Lehrveranstaltungen werden im geänderten Modulkontext fortgeführt. Insofern bestehen weitere Prüfungsmöglichkeiten als Einzelklausur nach einem Wechsel der Prüfungsordnung in PO 2020

Falls das Modul mit dem letztmaligen Prüfungsangebot nicht abgeschlossen wird, kann das Studium in der PO 2020 fortgesetzt werden, sofern noch Prüfungsanspruch besteht. Informationen zum Wechsel finden Sie hier:

Für Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an das Studienbüro.