Logististics Live! WiSe 2015/16

Logistics Live! In the winter term 2015/16

Field Trip to DB Schenker, Siemens and Kirow

The focus during the two-day field trip “Logistics Live!” in the winter term of 2015/16 which was organized by the Department of Management and Logistics was on giving an insight into logistics systems of various industrial enterprises and on showing up key skills which are relevant on the job. Taking place for the fifth time, the event offered 28 students the opportunity to get to know DB Schenker, Siemens and Kirow as well as the possibility of socializing. The students were able to get to know the field of action of a logistics manager in different enterprises and branches of trade capturing impulses for their own professional orientation.

The first stop of the trip was the Siemens combination engineering plant at Chemnitz. The plant which started its work in 2014 is a production facility for the installation of electric control cabinets but also for the production of machine tools, producing machines, conveyor techniques and other customer specified products. The customer specified completion of the cabinets causes extraordinary requirements for logistics and supply chain management. To fulfil the customers’ needs more than 10,000 single components have to be ordered, stored and handed over for installation at the right time.

Arriving at Chemnitz the participants were welcomed by Mr. Kocarnik, the logistics manager of the production site, and were provided drinks and food. After a presentation about the traditional history of the production site as well as about details of the products and daily challenges of logistics on the site the students got the opportunity to take a look at the production facilities including different installation places and warehouses. Thereby, the tight and complex networking of logistics service providers and producing enterprises was very striking being essential for an unobstructed and efficient operating schedule. To get a deeper insight into the work of a logistics service provider on-site the next stop of the field trip was the nearby distribution center of DB Schenker.

The second day of the field trip began with a visit of a further facility of DB Schenker. This time the students were given the possibility to get a picture of the distribution center at Leipzig which is especially occupied with the production supply of international automobile factories. In contrast to the previously visited office in Chemnitz the participants were given the chance to compare different challenges of logistics differentiating between the needs of different lines of business.

The fourth stop of the field trip lead to Kirow/Kranunion GmbH at Leipzig.

Visiting a medium-sized enterprise with a focus on the development and production of railway cranes another activity field with further logistics tasks could be experienced. Due to its impressing size but also because of the variety of products, further interesting production and logistics processes were explained in such a way that it was very well understandable. The detailed and exciting tour through the different installation and production facilities guided by Mr. Ehmisch showed the students how variegated and challenging the work in a medium-sized enterprise is and how much high-tech and know-how is needed to develop and produce a safe and robust railway crane.


Siemens AG: Herr Kocarnik

DB Schenker: Frau Afsaoui, Frau Bachmann, Frau Göckeritz, Herr Dr. Tran

Kirow/Kranunion GmbH: Frau Schneider, Herr Ehmisch

Attendance: 28 students