Logistics Live! SoSe 2018

Field trip to the enterprises Dematic GmbH and DHL Paketzentrum Obertshausen

The tenth excursion of the Chair of Management and Logistics as part of the business management seminar gave about 25 bachelor and master students of the TU Darmstadt an insight into the practical application of advanced technology in various intralogistics processes.

The first stop was made at the intralogistics manufacturer Dematic GmbH. After the students had received a short introduction to the history of Dematic, in which even a participation of the company in the construction of RMS Titanic was admitted, they went directly to the Imagination Center. There the excursion participants could inform themselves about the three basic characteristics of an intralogistics solution “smart”, “rapid” and “flexible”. A tailor-made solution was then generated with the help of an interactive program for systematic service development. The following guided tour through the Tech Center showed how storage and retrieval is carried out using highly dynamic automated systems. In addition, the students were able to observe how products from mixed pallets are received and automatically stored, as well as follow their reassembly for dispatch. The visit to Dematic GmbH was concluded by a demonstration of the pocket sorter system and a robot arm that picks with the aid of a vacuum gripper.

After the participants of the excursion were able to get to know various solutions for intralogistic processes, they were able to see the use of the systems in operation at the second station of the excursion, which led to the DHL Paketzentrum Obertshausen. During the tour of numerous staircases, corridors and staircases artfully winding around the conveyor and sorting technology, it became clear how complex the processes in a parcel sorting centre are. Even with a now high degree of automation, people still play a decisive role and are an indispensable part of the rapid processes in the parcel sorting centre.

We would like to thank our hosts, Dematic GmbH and DHL Paketzentrum Obertshausen

Number of participants: 25