Logistics Life! SoSe 2017

Field trip to the enterprise Dachser Logistikzentrum Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG in Malsch

After concluding the seminar “Virtual & Augmented Reality – possible applications and potentials for development in Logistics and Transport” in the summer term 2017, the participants and other interested students were given the opportunity to experience the use of augmented reality in practice. Hereby, the Chair of Management and Logistics offered a one-day trip to Dachser Logistikzentrum Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG in Malsch. The field trip was organized in close cooperation with Mr. Karheinz Klatt of Dachser SE & Co. KG. In the context of the seminar, the students worked out theoretically possible applications of virtual and augmented reality in manual order picking systems. Through the field trip this theoretic base was complemented by insights on practical applications. In several discussions, the students could contribute their questions and proposals and get to know aspects about order picking systems which are relevant for practice.

The first part of the field trip contained a guided tour through the two storehouses of the company’s site where industrial and consumer goods from most different industries are handled. Mr. Michael Knieper (Dachser Expert Warehouse Operations) explained the recent challenges regarding the demands on customer-specific order picking. The participants could experience the assisting systems pick-by-vision and pick-by-voice as well as picking by handheld terminal. In this context, Mr. Knieper illustrated the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies and gave an outlook on the recent developments in the Dachser group.

After a small lunch, Mr. Manuel Cloos (project manager, Dachser Expert Warehouse Operations) presented the company-intern pilot scheme on pick-by-vision answering rising questions of the audience. The recent status of the project and the functionality of the technology were explained in detail. Thereby, concrete challenges of the innovative picking technique were explained comprehensively and their advantages in comparison to existing assisting systems were emphasized once again. Subsequently, as a highlight of the field trip, the students were given the opportunity to test the pick-by-vision technology on their own. An illustrative picking order could be fulfilled in a simulation with augmented reality glasses and a mobile scanner. Thereby, the participant put themselves in the place of a picker and experienced the technology at first hand.


Dachser SE & Co. KG: Karlheinz Klatt, Michael Knieper, Manuel Cloos

Attendance: 24