Logistics Live SoSe 2016

Logistics Live! in the summer term 2016

Two-day field trip to the companies Bosch Rexroth, MyToys and Evonik

In the summer term of 2016 the Department of Management and Logistics once more organized the two-day event “Logistics Live!”. The focus was on giving an insight into logistics systems of several companies and on showing up job-relevant key qualifications. 27 bachelor and master students of the TU Darmstadt who have chosen a focus on logistics studies in their curriculum participated in the event. During the two days the participants were given the opportunity to get to know the enterprises Bosch Rexroth, MyToys and Evonik at their sites in Lohr am Main, Gernsheim and Weiterstadt.

The first stop of “Logistics Live!” led the students to Bosch Rexroth AG in Lohr am Main, one of the worldwide leading specialists for drive and control technology. At the beginning, there was an intense exchange between students and representatives of the company. After an introduction with the company’s presentation held by Ms. Ulrich, possible career opportunities were presented in addition. Hereby, one participant of the PreMaster program (Maike Blattner – career entry in logistics after a bachelor graduation) and respectively one participant of the Graduate Specialist Program (Patrizia Schäfer – career entry in controlling with a second position in Controlling after a master graduation) reported about their own professional development and showed possible career paths in logistics. After a refreshment through a collective lunch, the logistics area of Bosch Rexroth was presented in a tour through the factory guided by logistics manager Mr. Becker. During and after the visitation the students had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Becker about particular logistics and production processes and possible solutions for different logistic problems.

The second stop of the trip lead to the MyToys group in Gernsheim. The MyToys group includes MyToys, ambellis, mirapodo and limango whereby MyToys as number two in the online toys market holds the biggest share of the enterprise. On a tour through the firm’s storage area of more than 75,000 square metres which took about two and a half hours the students were guided in two groups by Mr. Rother (logistics manager) and Mr. Heubach (returns manager). Thus, they were able to get a broad insight into the logistic processes reaching from incoming goods over the fully automatic carton storage as well as the handling of small and big parts to the national and international goods shipping. In advance, possible career opportunities at MyToys were presented by Ms. Michel (human resource representative) and finally Mr. Rother gave exciting insights on the company’s KPI and challenges which are especially connected to the Christmas and Easter business at MyToys.

The last stop of the trip was at Evonik in Weiterstadt. After being welcomed by Mr. Görg (manager corporate community corporation), Dr. Neher (site manager) held a presentation about the worldwide leading enterprise for specialty chemicals and its sites in Darmstadt and Weiterstadt. After that, Mr. Ihnen (logistics manager Rhine/Main) and Mr. Drönner (operative logistics manager) introduced the students to the diversity of logistics at Evonik. After a motorized tour through the plant Mr. Vogel (logistics centre manager) guided the participants for one hour through the logistics centre for acrylic glass and gave fascinating insights into logistics at Evonik.



Bosch Rexroth AG: Sabrina Ulrich, Julia Stöckl, Felix Becker, Maike Blattner und Patrizia Schäffner

MyToys Group: Herr Stefan Rother, Herr Mike Heubach und Frau Susann Michel

Evonik Industries AG: Dr. Armin Neher, Sascha Görg, Bodo Ihnen, Sebastian Drönner und Dietmar Vogel

Attendance: 27 students