Logistics Service Engineering

Seminar Field Trip to Deutz AG, Duisburger Hafen AG and Evonik Industries AG

The focus of the seminar at the Department of Management and Logistics in the summer term 2013 was logistics services engineering. In this context, students elaborated and presented the different aspects of the topic, such as outsourcing, tender management, controlling, inventory management and combined transport. The theoretical subject area of product and process innovations in transportation and contract logistics were experienced practically by more than 30 students and the department team during a two-day seminar field trip to Deutz AG, Duisburg Hafen AG and Evonik Industries AG.

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Deutz AG: Mr. Männche , Dr. Binder, Mrs. Kautz, Mr. Rudolf

Duisport-Group: Dr. Böcker, Mr. Mut, Mr. Franke

Evonik Industries AG: Dr. Merath , Mr. Nahler , Mrs. Janosch, Mrs. Letterhaus , Mr. Naumann

Number of participants: 34