Port Hamburg

Seminar “The future of international transport chains”

In the summer term 2012 the seminar was covering current and future developments in international transport chains focusing on the maritime transport chain. Topics ranged from the study of current trends in decarbonizing and competition between container ports to the development of new business models for the actors involved in the transport chain. Furthermore, analyses of statistical forecasting models for container handling and simulation of container handling at on-dock rail terminals were examined.

As part of the seminar field trip the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and the Hapag-Lloyd AG were visited in Hamburg. Students had the opportunity to experience the processes on the highly automated container terminal Altenwerder. Through the presentations of the hosts of both companies the seminar was supplemented with valuable insights into the latest developments in practice. Finally, a lively discussion based on the presentations emerged between the experts and the students.

Field trip to Hamburg at the container terminal Altenwerder, the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and the corporate headquarters of Hapag-Lloyd AG Deutschland


Mrs. John (Head of the department terminal development, HHLA)

Mr. Hirt (Head of policy dialogue and business development, HHLA), Mr. Stieper (Head of Operations, Hapag – Lloyd)

Participants: 30 students