VL_Logistik- und Transportmanagement in der Praxis - Managing the Air Cargo Supply Chain_SoSE

Logistics- and Transportationmanagement – Managing the Air Cargo Supply Chain

The lecture delivers a broad insight into all management aspects of an air cargo company as well as their role and meaning in the global supply chain. The fundamental lecture topics concentrate on …

• Products, services, customer relationships

• Network planning and capacity management

• Technology and innovations in air cargo as well as the

• Political regulatory environment

The topics are enriched and exemplified on the basis of precise practical examples and from the point of view of a leading global airfreight company.

Learning Outcomes

After the course the students are able to

• Understand the meaning of air cargo

• Comprehend the role of (freight) carriers in the global supply chain

• Conceive the specific tasks and challenges in the operative and strategic management of an airline

A key aspect of the lecture will be the demonstration and discussion of what has been learned on the basis of precise practical examples. The lecture is rounded off with an excursion to the hub of Lufthansa Cargo.

  • Lecture script


Presentation and discussion subsequent to the lecture.

Lecture script

The lecture is assisted by the E-Learning platform moodle (https://moodle.tu-darmstadt.de/). Here you can find the lecture script.