VL_ Logistik- & Transportmanagement in der Praxis_Management von Flughäfen_WiSe

Logistics and Transport in Practice –Management of Airports

Lecturer Prerequisites
Michaela Schultheiß-Münch, Prof. Dr. Ralf Elbert

Target audience TUCaN
Students of the master moduls

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• 02.11.2020 Introduction / the aviation market
• 16.11.2020 Strategic challenges
• 30.11.2020 Social challenges
• 14.12.2020 Operational challenges
• 18.01.2021 Infrastructual challenges
• 01.02.2021 Digital challenges
• XX.02.2020 Exam preparation

Felix Roeper, M.Sc.
Type and scope of the course ECTS
Lecture in master moduls
2 contact hours (SWS)

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Course Content

The main political, legal and economic conditions of air traffic, the role and significance of airports in the air traffic system, the management of airport operations (strategy, planning, expansion, operations, safety, security, and environment), and future perspectives of airport management are dealt with.

Learning Objectives

Students should learn about the strategic and operational challenges in airport management. Based on the essential political, legal, and economic framework conditions of air traffic, the role and significance of airports in the global trade and transport network will be discussed. Furthermore, planning, organization, and operation as management tasks will be discussed and future perspectives of international air traffic will be shown. For better illustration, the main contents of the lecture will be deepened using practical examples.


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