Marktpotential von Fahrzeugen mit Hybrid-Antrieb bei Logistikdienstleistern

Market potential of vehicles with hybrid drives for logistics service providers

Road haulage is responsible for about 27 percent of traffic-related carbon dioxide emissions in Germany. Therefore, in its recent environmental report the German Council of Environmental Advisors recommends the introduction of carbon dioxide threshold values for heavy utility vehicles. But also from the perspective of truck customers a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the resulting reduction in gasoline consumption, which makes up a high percentage of total vehicle costs, is economically reasonable. Thus, truck manufacturers and suppliers work on concepts for alternative drive systems which reduce gasoline consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Trucks with electric hybrid drives represent a promising solution which is being tested worldwide in small series.

The aim of the project which has been conducted in corporation with a global automotive supplier was the identification of drivers and barriers influencing the market penetration of electric hybrid drives for trucks. Logistics service providers and transport companies representing the potential customers were the target group of the investigation. Based on interviews with experts, relevant framework conditions for the use of trucks with hybrid drives by logistics service providers and transport companies were identified. Furthermore, drivers and barriers for the use of trucks with hybrid drives were derived showing the potential of that new technology for the logistics industry. The concluding identification of technical and commercial requirements resulted in approaches for the development of hybrid drives supporting the acceptance of the new technology by the end customer.

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