Aktuelle Projekte NEU

3D printing supply chains

3D printing / additive manufacturing has the potential to significantly change conventional procurement, production and distribution. The transport of physical goods is replaced by a digital supply chain, enabling the customized production close to the customer locations. This requires that classic configurations of existing supply chains are questioned and new supply chain designs for digital supply chains with 3D printing are developed. 3D printing enables vertical integration and thus … read more

BlockProof – Use of the blockchain for the verification of transport certificates in air freight

Especially in the supply chain of air freight shipments, security requirements play an important role. Special security requirements, therefore, apply in the air freight sector to protect against attacks. The implementation of blockchain technology offers prospects not only for further increasing security but also for enabling more efficient and faster processes at the same time. In order to investigate this, the Department of Corporate Management and Logistics, together with the Department of Information Systems & E-Services and créémedia GmbH, is carrying out the “BlockProof” project …read more

RelKV – Simulation-based decision support in combined transport road/rail

Combined road/rail freight transport can be an approach for SME forwarding companies for positioning more successfully in a transport market characterized by low margins and high competitive pressure. However, the large number of interfaces between the modes of transport and the resulting increased complexity of the transport organization represent, in comparison to unimodal road freight transport, essential entry barriers for … read more

Systematic service engineering in contract logistics

DB Schenker regularly is given the opportunity to submit an offer for tendered logistical services or improvement of existing solutions of potential or current customers, respectively. At present, the realized logistics concepts are characterized by the individual employee’s mark. This is a result of the mostly short tender deadlines in combination with the many different design options in the field of contract logistics. No structured and … read more

Urban Logistics Facilities – cooperative used logistics facilities as a future concept for the supply of urban centers

The changes in demand behavior through urbanization and digitalization, the relocation of logistics facilities to the suburbs and strict legal requirements, such as restriction in time of delivery and environmental zones, lead to a rising number of challenges for the execution of logistics services in urban areas. This recent developments threaten to drive out small and medium sized logistics enterprises (SMEs) from their initial regional environment due to … read more