Aktuelle Projekte NEU

Exchange platform for delivery time windows – Increase of flexibility in the tour planning with delivery time windows in road freight transport

A delivery time window is a fixed time interval that is available for loading or unloading a truck at the loading ramp of an industrial and commercial enterprise (shipper). Time windows can be booked by freight forwarders by paying a booking fee via so-called web-based time slot management systems (TWMS).
Efficiency improvements through the use of TWMS can be achieved primarily on the side of the shippers. Waiting times and traffic jams at the factory gates are reduced, the efficiency in the transport chain is increased and the improved information transparency can be used to optimize the deployment of personnel and material at the loading ramp… read more

AufKomm – Capability based order assignment in manual order picking

A high proportion of manual activities in warehouses as well as high inhomogeneity of the employees’ individual performance cause strong fluctuations of economic target values in manual order picking.
At the same time, manual activities bear a high risk of musculoskeletal diseases, caused by the physical strain connected with those activities. An unsystematic placement of orders without taking into account these strains, increases the risk of those diseases… read more

CT-Radar – Future scenarios for combined transport

Road freight transport regularly attracts attention through technical and organisational innovations. Examples such as platooning, catenary trucks or future visions of autonomous driving increase the attractiveness of road transport and seem to give it essential characteristics of rail transport. Increasing digitalisation… read more

DiSC – 3D printing supply chains

3D printing / additive manufacturing has the potential to significantly change conventional procurement, production and distribution. The transport of physical goods is replaced by a digital supply chain, enabling the customized production close to the customer locations. This requires… read more

roboKOM – Potential areas of application for Robotic mobile fulfillment systems

In the field of intralogistics the research project “roboKOM” is currently being implemented at the department. The aim of the project is to develop potential areas of application for robotic mobile fulfillment systems (RMFS). In cooperation with the department “Management Science & Operations Research”, procedures for the optimisation of the processes of RMFS are developed, which aim at an efficient control of mobile order picking robots. At the same time, a system comparison with classical and already established picking systems is to be carried out with the help of simulation methods, so that the field of application of RMFS can be specifically defined… read more

SyD4 – Systematic service engineering in contract logistics

DB Schenker regularly receives from potential or existing customers the opportunity to submit an offer for a logistics service put out to tender (here in focus: order-picking in warehouses) or to continuously improve existing warehouses. Currently, the solutions developed for each tender or improvement project bear the individual signature of the responsible employee. There is no structured and standardized decision support or a modular system to support the tender preparation for new warehouses or the improvement process for existing warehouses… read more

HiRo II – Market potential of container transports from the hinterland near North-Rhine-Westphalia towards Rotterdam

Building on a study regarding southwest German hinterland in the HiRo I project, the Department of Corporate Management and Logistics is investigating the market potential of container transports from the NRW hinterland to the seaports of the North Range in the HiRo II project together with the Port of Rotterdam and Contargo. The aim of the project is to identify routes that strengthen intermodal transport on the one hand and… read more

PINTO 3 – Strategic network expansion in consideration of different demand scenarios

In the Pinto 3 project – strategic network extension considering various demand scenarios – the Chair of Management and Logistics, together with TFG Transfracht, is investigating the integration of western ports (e.g. Rotterdam, Antwerp) and southern ports (e.g. Koper, Trieste) into the existing TFG transport network. The major challenge consists in… read more