Cooperative research with Evonik Industries AG

Increasing the transparency of seaport handling

Evonik is a global specialty chemicals company with production sites in 26 countries and business activities in more than 100 countries. The Business Unit Site Services – Business Line Logistics (BL Logistics) runs this cooperative research project together with the chair of Management and Logistics of the TU Darmstadt. The Business Line Logistics is responsible for the coordination of global logistics processes and flows of goods at Evonik and provides logistics services for other companies of the chemical industry.

The aim of the project is to further improve the transparency of logistics processes for containerized hinterland transportation by rail to seaports. Therefore process elements and in particular the necessary data flows and interfaces of selected actors, locations and business transactions along the transport chain from European Evonik locations to Evonik locations on other continents are documented and analyzed. By applying this approach, not only the influence of information flows on the planning process of the actors involved in the transport chain is investigated. The research also focuses on potential improvements to realize a more efficient and effective design of the observed transport chain in the future.